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Verind S.p.A.
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Services & Solutions

The goal: customer satisfaction

The life cycle of a plant, a machine or a component depends, among other things, on how we use it.

The care of the customer for spare parts, maintenance, training for the staff etc., allows getting the best results in terms of efficiency, availability and flexibility, with excellent quality results.

Verind offers to its customers a wide range of services dedicated to our plants and machineries.

  • Checks whether production machines are functioning adequately;
  • Possibility to optimize, correct and improve the equipment on the field;
  • Suggestions to increase efficiency;
  • Checks of equipment in the field;
  • Planning of maintenance activities;
  • Training of the maintenance staff.

A correct early maintenance plan limits unforeseen failures, machine breakdowns and subsequent production losses and allows you to keep efficiency of our equipment constant day after day.