Application Systems Automotive

In the field of application technology, Dürr has been the worldwide leading supplier for years. The majority of all vehicles produced in the world are painted with Dürr products. Through permanent development of all key technologies, Dürr has achieved top ranked excellence. With the flexible Ecopaint painting lines, Dürr meets the demands of automatic application of all paints used in the automotive and Tier 1 industry.

Ecopaint Application - Solutions for Automotive Industries

Application Systems General Industry

Dürr offers premium application technology for paint and high viscosity materials, suitable for all industries where corrosion protection and decorative painting matter. The target group of the "Industrial Products" area created for this purpose includes industries such as plastics, wagon construction, shipbuilding, ceramics, wood and furniture.

Ecopaint Application - Solutions for General Industries

Water treatment

The industrial production processes require primary waters with a high level of purity: The lack of water resources (drinkable water, water for irrigation) does not allow people to have an acceptable quality of life in many areas of the world. Therefore Verind checks in each case the most adequate treatment solution in terms of management and investment costs and makes plants with different technologies.


Membrane and Water Treatment Systems