Ecopaint Application Systems General Industry

Electronic dosing system EcoDose 2K for high and low pressure applications.

Integrated application system

The configuration of the equipment and the most adequate application technology are chosen according to the chemical and physical features of the paint, the type of coating, the type of support and the level of production needed.

The development of a high-productivity and automation painting system, integrates a wide range of important parameters/variables, like:

  • Ecology and respect for the environment
  • Investment costs
  • Production efficiency
  • Complexity of the plant
  • Painting performance
  • Maintenance
  • Safety of the equipment 


The painting product, the coating product, the plant

Verind aims at creating integrated Ecotechnology in modern, flexible and reliable painting systems, in order to have:

  • Higher finish quality of the product
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Higher productivity and efficiency
  • Visibility on the market

In an industrial painting process, Verind integrates technologies and equipment according to the present painting cycles for water-based, high solid, powder products for a low-environmental impact and low toxicity.


Reference markets

Excellence sought after in a design product, technology and reliability are completed by the excellence of external shape and the quality of the painting coating. The best application equipment and technology are now offered by Verind in all industrial markets, like:

  • Land machines
  • Agricultural machines
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Metallic framing
  • Railway sector
  • Bikes and motorbikes
  • Wood and MDF furniture
  • Aluminum and coils profiles
  • Plastic components
  • Glass components
  • Ceramics products
  • White goods in general
  • Nautical and naval
  • Aerospace and transport
  • Energy and electronics
  • Glues