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Sealing Robots

Sealing Robot EcoRS 16


The EcoRS is a 6-axis robot with Dürr drive technology and EcoRCMP control for painting and sealing applications. A rail as the seventh axis can be integrated into the sealing stations.

  • Consistent control architecture and robot drives for painting and sealing applications
  • Integrated offline programming System 3D-OnSite
  • High path accuracy and dynamics (0.15mm at up to 1,000mm/s) 
  • Because of its shortened arm 1 the EcoRS 30L16S is very suitable for sealing applications in the inside of the car body

Application Area:

  • Areas of application for the EcoRS series include sealing, gluing, cleaning, and handling
  • The EcoRS can be mounted in a stationary position or on board
TypesLoad capacity on hand axisMounting possibility
EcoRS 1616 kgFloor, ceiling
EcoRS 30 L 1616 kgFloor, ceiling
EcoRS 30 L 16S16 kgFloor, ceiling
EcoRS 6060 kgFloor, ceiling
EcoRS 60 L3030 kgFloor, ceiling
EcoRS 210 L150150 kgFloor, ceiling
EcoRS 210210 kgFloor, ceiling