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Product Information

Paint Robot

Ecopaint paint robots are used in robotic painting stations for automatic surface coating of bodies and add-on parts in ESTA, AIR and powder applications. All paint materials such as solvent-based paints, water-borne paints and powder paints can be used.
Elegant design with practical details and a lot of performance to spare for day-to-day operation: The third Ecopaint Robot generation from Dürr scores with many innovative functions for automated painting.

Greater mobility through seven-axis kinematic system
Thanks to its additional movement options, the EcoRP E043i model with seven-axis kinematic system enlarges the work zone and can often be used instead of a solution with linear displacement rail. This can significantly reduce investment and maintenance costs in the painting booth.

Six or seven axes: the right solution for every application
The six-axis variants are still available in the product range. Apart from the missing seventh axis, they are identical to the seven-axis robot and are used with or without displacement axis. The EcoRP E/L133i robots operate on a top- or bottom-mounted rail. In addition to painting, they also serve as lid openers in interior painting.

World premiere: Scara robots with tool cleaner
New Scara robots (EcoRP L030i/L130i) as door openers with extended Z-stroke complete the new product line. The newly developed swivel head with optional tool cleaner from Dürr is unmatched worldwide.

The EcoRCMP2 robot controller is a key module of the Smart Factory. An integrated interface makes the robot “cloud ready” and provides all relevant data to meet current and future demands in the Industry 4.0 environment.