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Rotary Atomizer Packages

EcoBell2 SL Package

The EcoBell2 SL Package was developed for applications in the general industry and consists of a high rotation atomizer with internal or external charging or without high-voltage. Additionally it includes a paint changing system, a dosing system, a complete hose package as well as a compact touch-panel control unit.

The EcoBell2 SL Package is hence a system to paint small and large workpieces. If necessary it can be linked with other systems such as robots, control systems and part detection via an integrated ethernet interface.

  • High-tech application of liquid paints
  • Transfer efficiency up to 95 %
  • Spray pattern regulation from 50 to 600 mm
  • Electrostatic coating
  • Direct or external charging
  • Color changer (up to 10 colors)
  • Control unit with easy operation
  • Dosing by gear pumps or regulators
  • Optimal integrated 2K-Unit
  • Dual shaping air technology