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Rotary Atomizers (External Charging)

High Speed Rotating Atomizer EcoBell3 Ci for interior painting

EcoBell3 rotary atomizers can be used for all paint materials (1K, 2K).

The atomizer applies the waterborne paint without using complex voltage block systems.

Using tried and tested bell disk/shaping air ring technology, highest quality levels in terms of coat thickness regularity color and paint flow values are achieved with a minimal material usage.


  • EcoBell3 E
    Perfect optical appearance: The atomizer for external painting applies waterborne paints with highest levels of efficiency and minimal dirt.

  • EcoBell3 Cx
    Innovation in plastic materials: The atomizer was developed for the application of waterborne paints on plastic materials. The spray jet can be adjusted very flexible for detail and surface painting.

  • EcoBell3 Ci
    Small on the outside. On the inside: immense: The rotary atomizer is a true professional when it comes to interior waterborne paint application. With minimal paint losses and very short cleaning times.