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Manual Painting Station - Dual Efficient

Manual Painting Station

EcoMACC Reflow Station

It is a manually operated painting station with automatic color change technique. It convinces through high efficiency in paint recovery
(> 80 %).

  • 1 booth integrated cabinet housing
  • 1 double color changer with paint pressure controller and paint pressure control
  • 2 gun cleaning devices
  • 2 hand sprayguns
  • 2 pigging stations per paint spraying hose
  • 2 dosing pumps, purgeable 6cm3/rev.

The EcoMACC Reflow was designed for AIR applications in automobile painting installations and can be used for all manual painting processes in the inside and outside area of car bodies.

This is valid for all paint materials usual in the automotive industry, such as solventborne paint materials and waterborne paint materials.


EcoDose 2K

The EcoDose 2K is an electronic dosing system suitable for high and low pressure applications. It can be used in manual and automatic processes. >> More