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Color Changing and Purging Equipment

Color Changer EcoLCC2

Color changing and purging equipment - flexible, fast and efficient

In the automatic painting installations of automotive manufacturers and subcontractors, the paints must be provided flexibly in the color desired by the customer. Manufacturer expect short color change times and minimal paint losses.


EcoLCC2 - the benchmark in efficient color changing

  • Short color change times (<10 seconds)
  • Lowest paint losses (ca. 10 ml) 
  • No common paint channel anymore
  • Color mixing is prevented by design
  • Usable with basic technology and high performance
  • Suitable for all paint and charging systems in the exterior and interior painting
  • The color changer along with the EcoPump9 dosing pump have both ample space on the robot’s second arm (Yet the robot arm remains flat and can access all areas of the car body interior)
  • Low complexity of the system
  • Permanently low servicing and maintenance costs


EcoMCC3 20 - the economical solution for color changes in atomizer color supply

  • Flexible upgrades through modular design
  • Compact design allows easy accessibility
  • Special Dürr insertion nipple for connecting color hoses allow component exchanges without hose cutting
  • Pneumatic hose connections without screw joints
  • Paint circulation directly up to the needle seat
  • Tested according to Dürr quality standards
  • Purging time reduced by up to 14% through optimized purging programs 


EcoMCC 200 - for airless or air-mix varnishing of waterborne and solventborne paint

  • Standard offer includes up to 10 valves
  • Material pressure up to 200 bar
  • Carbide valve seat and needle for longer downtime periods
  • Minimal flushing due to reduction of dead space
  • Second chamber for plasticizers
  • Faster valve change during maintenance