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Phone: +49 7142 78-4145
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Product Information

Our portfolio for your gluing tasks in the final assembly

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  • Small foot print due to flexible modular solutions
  • Reduced cycle time due to optimized cell layouts
  • Short return on investment time
  • Maximum availability and reliability
  • Test and optimize your processes in our test center


Ecopaint Gluing: The Dürr product family for automated gluing in the final assembly in vehicle production. Highly viscous materials are used to permanently bond parts and components of different characteristics.

Our product family includes:

  • Pretreatment Systems
  • Material Supply
  • Dispensing and Dosing Units
  • Applicators
  • Automated Handling Systems
  • Gluing and Handling Robots

The Dürr Gluing Test Center

To better serve our customers in developing and validating their products and processes, the Dürr Gluing Test Center is available to dispense and simulate production level gluing processes on a wide variety of parts and materials. The Durr Gluing Test Center has several gluing cells. Capable of running complete gluing and primer applications.

To book the Test Center to optimize your processes and test materials, contact:


Martin Wolf
Phone: +49 7142 78-2543
E-Mail: Martin.Wolf(at)