Podio Ferrari

Maranello, 23rd June 2004

On 23rd June 2004 the fourth edition of "Podio Ferrari" was held, the annual event dedicated to suppliers and technical partners of the Ferrari Maserati group.

Podio Ferrari awards companies that showed excellence, ability to innovate and develop products in partnership with the Ferrari Maserati group. The event was held with Ferrari President Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Vice-President Piero Ferrari, former Ferrari General Manager Jean Todt, Ferrari Deputy General Director Amedeo Felisa and the Maserati CEO Martin Leach.

A special edition of the “President’s Award” was dedicated to the Dürr group, for the “high tech content and the ability in the construction of the painting system".

The award was given by the President Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and Vice-President Piero Ferrari to Heinz Dürr, Chairman of the Dürr Supervisory Board. In the new Ferrari painting unit, the Company installed: two painting centres (one dedicated to “special” colours); one spraying station for sealants; one for the underbody (sound-absorbing paints, paints protecting against rocks); sandblasting stations; painting robots, powder robots for the underbody, with liquid paint instead of the  enamel and for the transparent paints.