Our quality policy

High standards in Verind

The primary goal at Verind S.p.A is to be a competitive company and to fully meet the needs of the customers and all stakeholders: this satisfaction is constantly and accurately pursued and monitored.

The company reaches its goals and offers the quality of its products and services thanks to all corporate processes and therefore all sectors, in all different levels, are actively involved in Quality-improvement processes.

The main aim of our Quality Policy is therefore that of optimizing and consolidating our process management methods, adjusted after the organizational changes required by the new market needs.

For each process, quality indicators and relevant goals are established during the quality system re-evaluation meetings of the Management Board. The general strategy for Quality is focused on the management of each activity according to its processes and the use of such indicators and goals. To that aim, significant corporate processes were defined together with people and resources that were necessary to create those processes according to Verind quality standards.

Thanks to a constant commitment and experience on a wide variety of products, our know-how is now applicable with a high level of standardization, reliability and quality. Verind S.p.A., whose corporate organization and work methodologies comply with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standards, is a leading company on the market promoting a partnership with its customers, to whom it offers a comprehensive service: from feasibility studies analyses, to post-sales support and training of people.