Introduction to the company

The first priority for Verind has been, since the beginning, to deeply understand the problems of its customers. In more than half a century of the evolution of technology and automation, what deeply changed were the production processes, but not the philosophy of the company. Nowadays Verind is a renowned International company in specialized sectors like industrial painting, surface protection and ultrafiltration.
The high Research and Development potential as well as the experience stemming from a constant collaboration with leading companies in the world in all fields, makes us a renowned partner and supplier of all companies from all different sectors and sizes, and services and products are more and more eco-friendly.

Verind is a dynamic company in constant evolution, always able to meet the needs of producers’ tank to a very high production flexibility and the ability to adapt to changes and market trends.

in our modern laboratories in Milan and in the technological centre in Stuttgart, all customers have the opportunity to test the quality of our technical solutions.

Verind includes three sectors:

Automotive:General Industry:Membrane and water treatment systems:
  •     Paint robots
  •     Paint mix rooms
  •     Quality measurement
  •     Paint supply
  •     Sealing
  •     Gluing
  • Surface treatment
  • Pneumatic and electric pumps
  • Electrostatic systems
  • Anticorrosion treatment
  • Dosing units 2k and 3k
  • Membrane plants
  • Ultrafiltration and cataphoresis
  • Primary waters production
  • Waste water treatment